Digimap Verisk: Mapping data on land and building use

The University Library subscribes to Digimap, a digital mapping service that can be used to generate Ordnance Survey (OS), historic, geological, marine, aerial, LIDAR, Verisk, and environment maps.

In this post we focus on the Verisk collection. This database offers detailed information on land and building use, including building age and characteristics. Verisk is updated twice a year.

There are two ways to access the data; Roam and Data Download.

Verisk Roam allows the viewing, customisation, and creation of maps in PDF, JPG, and PNG format. Maps can also be printed. For maps larger than A4 the library offers a large format reproduction service.

Verisk Data Download allows the download of OS mapping data for use in GIS or CAD software.

Buildings: Use and Age (UKBuildings)

This database covers GB* buildings and includes data on building height, structure, use, age, and characteristics. The mapping of commercial, public, and residential buildings is fully classified for urban areas with a population over 10,000.

*The Belfast urban area is available via Data Download.

Building Use

The map above shows our campus buildings in ‘Educational” pale yellow, and the surrounding residential flats in lavender. Select the information button and click on any building to show height and area details.

Building age

The map above shows the University campus coloured by age, with the Gilbert Scott building categorised as Historic (opened 1870), the library as Mixed Age Part Postwar (opened 1968) and the Fraser Building as Modern (redeveloped in 2009, and originally opened 1966)

Additional data are available through Data Download, including:

  • 3D polygons of buildings
  • Height of building and height above ground level
  • Known build dates of buildings (if known)
  • More detail on building type, number of floors, roof & wall types, and so on.

Land cover (UKLand)

This database shows UK land use. Land cover data is useful for planning developments, identifying sites, and searching for specific categories of land.

The land use mapping breaks down the land into 27 different types, including agricultural, recreational, residential, and parks. Each coloured section can be clicked on to find the specific land use type. In the map above the feature information shows the Botanic Gardens.

Greater London (UKMap)

This database is focused on the Greater London area, with data on tree canopies and upper floor data.

To access tree canopy data in Verisk Roam: Select the Overlays tab on the left and check (UKMap Tree Canopy (London)

Tree canopy details at Kensington Palace Gardens showing the individual trees and their size.

To access upper floor data in Verisk Roam: Select the Overlays tab on the left and check (UKMap Upper Floors (London)

Showing the layout of the businesses on the upper floor of a shopping centre.

Digimap help

The staff in the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit are happy to help with using Digimap. We’re available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (closed 12 to 1 pm). Digimap provide support and webinars from their Resource Centre.

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