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Jane Eyre’s Journey in Books

Charlotte Brontë’s 1847 novel Jane Eyre continues to enchant modern readers for various reasons: its intriguing blend of realism and Gothic elements; the tumultuous central romance; its keen critiques of unfair social institutions; and the eponymous narrator’s original voice, which veers between… Read More ›

ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central is the new user-friendly e-book platform that replaces the EBL platform. All EBL e-books are now available on this platform and can be accessed as usual from the Library website with your GUID and password. Some of the… Read More ›

Glasgow Fair

Special Collections will be closed on Monday 18th July for the Glasgow Fair. The Glasgow Fair is a public holiday held by the city each July. The Fair began its life in the 12th century, originally as an eight day period during which… Read More ›


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