Requesting books – the hold shelf – what’s all this about? How do I get the book I need?

Making books available to everyone

At this time of year books in the Library are in high demand, and we want to make sure that everyone can get access to the books they need. We try to do this by moving books into the High Demand Collection (where books have a shorter loan period than normal), by buying e books where possible, and by digitising essential book chapters. However, sometimes you’ll find that the book you want is on loan, and to be able to get it you will need to Request it in Quick Search. The requesting system is a way of trying to make sure that everyone can access the books they need. To request a book that’s out on loan, find it in Quick Search, click on the Request it button, and enter your Library account details.

Requesting books – what’s this all about?

It means that the person who has the book on loan will be asked to bring it back within 7 days rather than by the original return date. If you have a book on loan and you get an e-mail saying that it has been requested by another reader we would ask you to return it by the new due date. Most importantly, when you bring it back, if you are using the self-check machines please put it in the grey book bin and not on the blue trolley. If you don’t, the book may end up back on the shelves and will not be available for the reader who has requested it.

holds_1If you have requested a book, you’ll get an e-mail asking you to come and collect it from Library Services on level 3.

What is the ‘hold shelf’?

You might see on Quick Search that a book is ‘on the hold shelf’. This means that it is awaiting collection by the person who requested it.

Can I still request books that are on the hold shelf?

Yes you can. However, if a book is requested several times it will usually be moved to the High Demand Collection, where books are available for 24 or 4 hour loan and cannot be requested.

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  1. I have been concerned for some while past by aspects of the High Demand (HD) category. I am a wide-ranging reader who also tries to keep abreast of GU New Additions, using that list as a way of identifying books of particular interest, but I am off-campus and can only attend GUL occasionally at intervals of some weeks. I repeatedly see new additions purchased in multiple copies (2 or 3) ALL of which go into HD, thereby making them UNAVAILABLE to readers like myself. MOREOVER I see and know of no mechanism whereby books can be removed from HD and made available for normal loan despite the fact that in many cases any real HD usage is confined to a short period during term-time and certainly does apply throughout the long vacation.

    Good practice surely requires that a copy of every book placed into HD should also be available for normal loan at all times and all HD books should be available normally during the long vac.?

    The present arrangement is too restrictive and is being applied in too wide a fashion for the comfort of non-student users.

    • Thank you for your comment. I can understand that this is frustrating for you. However, placing a copy of every book in High Demand on normal loan would simply result in multiple requests for that book from users. When this happens, a book is automatically moved into the High Demand Collection anyway. During the summer if the book you need is only availabe in the Hign Demand Collection I would suggest you contact your College Librarian and ask if it might be possibl for you to have an extended loan period.

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