General Election 2015

polling station

Polling Station (c) atache (flickr)

Looking for some last minute reading on the general election, coalitions, hung parliaments and the government?

Government formation post-election by the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee (2015)

The Coalition and the constitution by Vernon Bogdanor (2011) in paper, and e-Book

The UK General Election of 2010 : explaining the outcome edited by Justin Fisher and Christopher Wlezien (2012) in paper

Coalitions at Westminster – Commons Library Standard Note by Oonagh Gay and Lucinda Maer (2015)

The politics of coalition : how the Conservative-Liberal Democrat government works by Robert Hazell and Ben Yong (2012) in paper

Hung Parliaments – Commons Library Standard Note by Lucinda Maer (2010)

The Cameron-Clegg government : coalition politics in an age of austerity by Simon Lee and Matt Beech (2011) in paper, and e-Book

Women in Parliaments 1945-1995 : a world statistical survey by Inter-Parliamentary Union (1995) in paper

Coalition Britain : the UK election of 2010 edited by Gianfranco Baldini and Jonathan Hopkin (2012) in paper

UK Election Statistics: 1918-2012 – Commons Library Research Paper by Feargal McGuinness, Richard Cracknell and Mark Taylor (2012)

The Cabinet Manual : A Guide to law, conventions and rules on the operation of government (2011). Chapter 2 covers general elections and the principles of government formation.

For more information on official publications, please visit the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit on Level 7 of the Library.

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