New books in the Library, Week Beg Nov 10th 2014

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the Week beg Nov 10th 2014. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New_books_101114 [xls]

Genetics : from genes to genomes / Leland H. Hartwell, Michael L. Goldberg, Janice A. Fischer, Leroy Hood, Charles F. Aquadro McGraw-Hill Education, [2015] Biology qM6 2015-H
Creating new markets in the digital economy : value and worth / Irene C.L. Ng Cambridge University Press, 2014 Economics B790.I55 NG
Darren Waterston : filthy lucre / edited by Susan Cross ; with essays by Susan Cross, Lee Glazer, John Ott Skira Rizzoli, 2014 Fine Arts qKN4422 2014-C
The People’s Republic of amnesia : the Tiananmen revisited / Louisa Lim Oxford University Press, [2014]
History VV774 LIM
Fraud, fakery and false business : rethinking the Shrager versus Dighton ‘old furniture case’ / Abigail Harrison Moore Continuum, 2011. Law Q60 SHR
Psychopathology : research, assessment and treatment in clinical psychology / Graham Davey

Wiley, [2014] Medicine qRJ44 2014-D
Affective relations : the transnational politics of empathy / Carolyn Pedwell Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Psychology G90.E55 PED
Ukraine crisis : what it means for the West / Andrew Wilson Yale University Press, [2014] Sov Stud D300 2014-W
The films of Claire Denis : intimacy on the border / edited by Marjorie Vecchio I.B. Tauris, 2014. Theatre KD312 VEC

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  1. Kay,
    It has never been clear to me whether the list of books that appears in this notice corresponds to those that are displayed on the New Book shelves on Level 3. And that display is not mentioned either. Perhaps the dots could be joined up sometime.

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