Higher Education news

England & Wales: The Government has published a Higher Education white paper “Students at the Heart of Education” detailing planned reforms to Universities. The Russell Group (of which the University of Glasgow is a member) has published its response to… Read More ›

Euing Ballads now online

Euing 1.18 Our major collection of black letter broadside ballads, part of the Euing Collection, has been digitised and made available online. Broadsides can be described as a single sheet of paper printed on one side. The Euing ballads date… Read More ›

End of an Era- Pontecorvo Demolition

 Ponte outside the newly named Pontecorvo Building In 1995 the Genetics Building was renamed as the Pontecorvo Building in honour of Professor Guido Pontecorvo (1907-1999), the University’s first Professor of Genetics who worked at the University from 1955 to 1968…. Read More ›


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