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From Dr Laing’s Library

Blog post by Becca Gauldie, an M.Sc Art History (Collecting and Provenance Studies in an International Context) student, on placement in Archives and Special Collections. My project has been to find and identify books which belonged to the antiquarian, and… Read More ›

Bad Grammaire

Something is very strange about this titlepage. Amusingly so. Can you see what it is? During printing the second “M” of the second word in the title, “GRAMMAIRE”, must accidentally have been omitted (fairly embarrassing for a work on the… Read More ›

Taking Up Arms

Guest blog post by Adam Flynn, Renaissance Art postgraduate work placement student. Heraldry is a fascinating and elaborate system by which coats of arms are devised and deciphered. My own research into the identification of coats of arms included within… Read More ›