Special Collections

This category was used for posts created by special collections staff before August 2016. Since then all posts are categorised as Archives and Special Collections posts.

Editing the 18th Century

Original editions of books by Laurence Sterne, Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope are currently on display in the showcase in Special Collections (level 12 of the Library). We are highlighting these writers to complement a conference being organised by the… Read More ›

A Knight’s Tale

Special Collections holds significant early examples of works by the great English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer (c 1340-1400). These include fifteenth century manuscript and illustrated printed copies of The Canterbury Tales and the only extant manuscript copy of The Romaunt of… Read More ›

The Blakes are back…

…after a brief ‘holiday’ in France. We recently lent a number of works by the engraver, artist and poet, William Blake (1757-1827) to an exhibition at the Petit Palais, Museum of Fine Arts, in Paris. These included the illuminated book… Read More ›

Stars of the Show

We are asked fairly regularly if items from Special Collections can be used in television programmes. Recently, the BBC filmed some of the beautiful 18th century red chalk drawings and engravings that William Hunter commissioned for his great work The… Read More ›