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Bad Grammaire

Something is very strange about this title page. Amusingly so. Can you see what it is? During printing the second “M” of the second word in the title, “GRAMMAIRE”, must accidentally have been omitted (fairly embarrassing for a work on… Read More ›

The Olympics and UofG

It is the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Rio tonight and so we have found some University of Glasgow alumni who have competed in past Olympic Games! Silvanus (or Sylvanus) Olatunde Williams (1922-2006) was born in Abeokuta, south-west… Read More ›

Jane Eyre’s Journey in Books

Charlotte Brontë’s 1847 novel Jane Eyre continues to enchant modern readers for various reasons: its intriguing blend of realism and Gothic elements; the tumultuous central romance; its keen critiques of unfair social institutions; and the eponymous narrator’s original voice, which veers between… Read More ›


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