About the blog

Please pull up a virtual chair and have a chat with us via the comments about our latest news and developments.

This blog is being produced by a small but enthusiastic team drawn from the Library, Special Collections, University Archives and the Photographic Unit. We hope to show you exactly what it is we all do and provide you with:

  • Directors updates
  • information about the specialised support available to researchers and undergraduates
  • news
  • helpful hints and tips to you about how to make use of our services and gain access to all the information you may need whether that be an e-journal article, a photograph, the history and management of the University or an incunable
  • newly available information sources such as new journals and databases
  • building developments

Please comment on our posts as we want to see the blog develop as a place to meet up with our users and supporters and give them a space where they can be involved with the Library to form an online community.

2 replies

  1. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  2. Great idea – very interesting blog. I’ve printed this out to show to Betty Knott-Sharpe, one of your own Classics emeriti, who may have some ideas about the poem’s provenance – but she may not have come across this blog.

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