Inflation, Unemployment Benefits, and Quality of Life: New Official Publications 17.08.22

European Union

© European Union, 2022

Scientific evidence showing the impacts of nature restoration actions on food productivity. “This report is a narrative review of the effects reported in the scientific literature (peer-reviewed and indexed scientific publications showing quantitative evidence) about the relationships between a selection of nature restoration practices and food production. The reported effects are extracted from systematic reviews, meta-analyses and individual papers.”

The relationship between loneliness and health. “The link between loneliness and health has been extensively documented in scientific literature. Loneliness is widely recognized as being a public health issue and concern has been heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report summarizes evidence from the emerging academic literature on the topic, addresses the potential mechanisms linking loneliness and health, as well as the concerns related to the presence of reverse causality.”

Inflation explained: What lies behind and what is ahead? EU Think Tank Briefing defining inflation, how it’s measured and the current outlook.

Westminster & the UK Government

© Crown Copyright 2022. Licensed under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0

People claiming unemployment benefits by constituency. “This paper provides figures for the number of people claiming unemployment benefits (the “claimant count”) for the UK and by parliamentary constituency.” Research Briefing.

The impact of body image on mental and physical health, report by the Health and Social Care Committee.

A fairer private rented sector – Government policy paper. “This white paper sets out our plans to fundamentally reform the private rented sector and level up housing quality in this country.” Applies to England.

Scottish Parliament & Government

Contains information licenced under the Scottish Parliament Copyright Licence.

Suicide and Self-harm in Scotland. “This briefing provides a brief overview of self-harm and suicide in Scotland. It presents some of the available data and evidence on the prevalence and rates of self-harm and suicide. It then provides information on Scottish Government policy and developments in these areas, ahead of the forthcoming publication of a new suicide prevention strategy and the development of a self-harm strategy for Scotland.”

National Drugs Mission Plan: 2022-2026. “Update on National Mission to reduce drug deaths and improve the lives of those impacted by drugs.”

Official Statistics

© Office for National Statistics 2022. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0

Quality of life in the UK: August 2022. “An overview of UK’s progress across ten domains of national well-being – personal well-being, relationships, health, what we do, where we live, personal finance, economy, education and skills, governance, and environment. This bulletin provides the first update to the Measures of National Well-being dashboard since 2019.”

Public opinions and social trends, Great Britain: 20 to 31 July 2022. “Social insights on daily life and events, including the cost of living, location of work, health and well-being from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN).”

Average Household Size. “The average number of people per household in each council area and in Scotland” from 2001 onwards.

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