Budget Day 27th October 2021

Today is budget day, where the Chancellor informs the country of the current state of finances and any proposed changes to taxation. Find out more about the Budget.

All Budget Reports are published as Official Publications and are available from the Public Information Online (PIO) database, and the UK House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database.

Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021

Image © Parliamentary Copyright House of Commons 2021. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0

We’ve created an archive for the Budget Reports from 1999 onwards below. (You’ll need your UofG login to access them.)

DateTitleParliamentary Paper Reference
October 2021Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021: A stronger economy for the British peopleHC 822, Session 2021-22
March 2021Budget 2021: Protecting the jobs and livelihoods of the British peopleHC 1226, Session 2020-21
March 2020Budget 2020: Delivering on our promises to the British peopleHC 121, Session 2019-20
2019“No Budget statement was delivered during 2019 … due to the timing of the 2019 General Election.”
October 2018Budget 2018HC 1629, Session 2018-19
November 2017Autumn Budget 2017HC 587, Session 2017-18
March 2017Spring Budget 2017HC 1025, Session 2016-17
March 2016Budget 2016HC 901, Session 2015-16
July 2015Summer Budget 2015HC 264, Session 2015-16
March 2015Budget 2015HC 1093, Session 2014-15
March 2014Budget 2014HC 1104, Session 2013-14
March 2013Budget 2013HC 1033, Session 2012-13
March 2012Budget 2012HC 1853, Session 2010-12
March 2011Budget 2011HC 836, Session 2010-11
June 2010Budget 2010HC 61, Session 2010-11
March 2010Budget 2010: Securing the recoveryHC 451, Session 2009-10
April 2009Budget 2009: Building Britain’s futureHC 407, Session 2008-09
March 2008Budget 2008: Stability and opportunity: building a strong, sustainable futureHC 388, Session 2007-08
March 2007Budget 2007: Building Britain’s long-term future: Prosperity and fairness for familiesHC 342, Session 2006-07
March 2006Budget 2006: A strong and strengthening economy: investing in Britain’s futureHC 968, Session 2005-06
March 2005Budget 2005: Investing for our future: Fairness and opportunity for Britain’s hard-working familiesHC 372, Session 2004-05
March 2004Budget 2004: Prudence for a purpose: A Britain of stability and strengthHC 301, Session 2003-04
April 2003Budget 2003: Building a Britain of economic strength and social justiceHC 500, Session 2002-03
April 2002Budget 2002: The strength to make long-term decisions: Investing in an enterprising, fairer BritainHC 592, Session 2001-02
March 2001Budget 2001: Investing for the long term: Building opportunity and prosperity for allHC 279, Session 2000-01
March 2000Budget 2000: Prudent for a purpose: Working for a stronger and fairer BritainHC 346, Session 1999-2000
March 1999Budget 1999: Building a stronger economic future for BritainHC 298, Session 1998-99

For more information on finding and citing UK Official Publications, see our guide Finding UK Official Publications.

If you’d like a budget report from any other year, or any other documents related to the budget, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in the Maps, Official Publications, and Statistics Unit Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. We can be contacted by email at library-mapsandop@glasgow.ac.uk

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