Artificial intelligence, body image, and loneliness: New Official Publications 12.04.21

European Union

Front cover: Humans and Societies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
© European Union, 2021

Humans and societies in the age of artificial intelligence. “While most of the ongoing discussions on AI limit themselves to the short and medium-term effects, this short and comprehensive report tries to go beyond the most immediate challenges and to explore also some of the longer-term impacts that AI may have on humans and societies. It summarizes the key issues in 10 takeaways and suggests a list of possible actions to be taken by policymakers.”

Addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online. “Dissemination of terrorist content is one of the most widespread and most dangerous forms of misuse of online services in the field of internal security.” This briefing looks at the current situation, details of the proposals the European Union is looking at to tackle the issue, expert views, and the legislative process.

Mapping of innovative practices in the EU to promote sport outside of traditional structures. “The aim of the present study is to provide a wider understanding of how sport practice is evolving in nowadays society and how the sport movement is adapting to this evolution. For this purpose, the study has mapped innovative initiatives developed to promote sport and physical activity in each of the 27 EU Member States.”

Westminster & the UK Government

Front cover: Industrial Decarbonisation
© Parliamentary Copyright House of Commons 2021. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0

Intergovernmental relations in the United Kingdom: “With a Cabinet Office-led review of IGR ongoing, this briefing paper describes the UK’s existing intergovernmental machinery before analysing developments after 2007 and the impact of Brexit. It then summarises proposals for reform, provides historical context and, finally, looks at international comparisons.”

Changing the perfect picture: an inquiry into body image from the Women and Equalities Committee. “The aim of this inquiry was to record the range of those suffering from negative body image, to learn what is driving endemic body dissatisfaction, and to recommend steps the Government and other actors can take to increase the number of individuals in the UK viewing their appearance in a positive light.”

Policy paper: Industrial decarbonisation strategy. “This strategy sets out how industry can decarbonise in line with net zero while remaining competitive and without pushing emissions abroad.

Scottish Parliament & Government

Front cover: Children’s Social Work Statistics Scotland, 2019-20
Contains information licenced under the Scottish Parliament Copyright Licence.

Oil and Gas Production Statistics: 2019. “Estimates of oil and gas production activity in Scotland (including Scottish adjacent waters) for years 1998 to 2019.”

Children’s social work statistics: 2019 to 2020. “Children’s social work statistics for Scotland for 2019 to 2020, including data on children and young people looked after, on the child protection register and in secure care.”

Official Statistics

Front cover: Coronavirus and vaccine hesitancy, Great Britain
© Office for National Statistics 2021. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0

Internet users, UK: 2020. “Internet use in the UK; annual estimates by age, sex, disability and geographical location.”

Coronavirus and vaccine hesitancy, Great Britain: 17 February to 14 March 2021. “Hesitancy towards the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, based on the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey covering the period 17 February to 14 March 2021.”

Mapping loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic: “Areas with a higher concentration of younger people and areas with higher rates of unemployment tended to have higher rates of loneliness during the study period.”

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