Care work, Digital automation, and Free Trade Agreements: New Official Publications 02.02.21

Newly published official publications from :

The European Union

General view of the Plenary chamber in Brussels – PHS Hemicycle – Plenary session week 46 2014. © European Union 2014 – Source EP

Gender inequalities in care and consequences for the labour market: “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of both paid and unpaid care work for a well-functioning society and economy.This report is part of the European Institute for Gender Equality’s work on monitoring the EU’s progress towards its gender equality commitments under the Beijing Platform for Action.

Social situation monitor : Energy prices, energy policies and energy poverty : exploring the connection. “In this research note we examine the impact of energy prices and policies on energy poverty in European countries from 2007-2017.”

Digital automation and the future of work: “This report addresses the nature, scope and possible effects of digital automation. It reviews relevant literature and situates modern debates on technological change in historical context. It also offers some policy options that, if implemented, would help to harness technology for positive economic and social ends. The report recognises that technological change can affect not just the volume of work but also its quality. It identifies threats to job quality and an unequal distribution of the risks and benefits associated with digital automation. In response, it recommends a number of policy options” (Annex)

Westminster and the UK Government

House of Commons Library (c) Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament

House of Commons Library (c) Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament

Higher education student numbers: “This paper looks at trends in the size of the student population, changes in the number of entrants overall and for different types of students/courses and entry rates for different groups and areas.”

Scrutiny of international agreements: Free Trade Agreement with Singapore, Trade Continuity Agreement with Canada and Association Agreement with Egypt. “This is the International Agreements Committee’s first report on treaties, or
international agreements … [and ] adresses [three] Agreements:

Drugs policy: Government response to the conclusions and recommendations made in the Health and Social Care Select Commiteee’s report on drugs from Session 2019

The Scottish Parliament and Government

Scottish Parliament

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

Domestic Abuse (Protection) Scotland Bill: Stage 1 Report. The “provisions of the Bill are intended to improve the protections available for people who are at risk of domestic abuse, particularly where they are living with the perpetrator of the abuse.” The report covers the Justice Committee’s scrutiny of the key issues surrounding the bill.

Housing Needs of Minority Ethnic Groups: Evidence Review: “This report provides a review of the literature on the housing needs and experiences of minority ethnic groups in Scotland, and presents results of secondary data analysis. The research also identifies gaps in the evidence and suggests areas where further research could be useful.”

Young people’s experiences of precarious and flexible work – Main Report: “The research report presents findings on young people’s experiences of precarious and flexible work. These work conditions included where young people had for example zero hours contracts, low wages, lack of progression opportunities, dissatisfaction with current employment, or varying hours.”

Official Statistics

Recorded Crime in Scotland: December 2020: “This Official Statistics bulletin presents information on the number of crimes and offences recorded by the police in Scotland during December 2020. It also includes a comparison with the equivalent month of the previous year.”

International trade in services: “Detailed breakdown of annual trade in UK services estimates, analysing data by country, product and industry.”

Construction statistics, Great Britain: 2019: “A wide range of statistics and analysis on the construction industry in Great Britain in 2019.”

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