From contagion to Columbo : new books in the Library, 10th February 2020

Below is a selection of books received by the Library in the weeks leading up to 10th February. For a complete listing of books received during this period see: New Books 100220 [xls]

Witch beliefs and witch trials in the Middle Ages : documents and readings / P.G. Maxwell-Stuart London : Continuum, 2011 Anthrop K505.E8 MAX2
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2015 Astronomy R750 2015-O
Empire’s tracks : indigenous nations, Chinese workers, and the transcontinental railroad / Manu Karuka Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2019] Economics N2751 KAR
Settler colonialism in Victorian literature : economics and political identity in the networks of empire / Philip Steer Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2020 English E830.I5 STE
Activity-based teaching in the art museum : movement, embodiment, emotion / Elliott Kai-Kee, Lissa Latina, and Lilit Sadoyan Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, [2020] Fine Arts N435 KAI
Born translated : the contemporary novel in an age of world literature / Rebecca L. Walkowitz New York : Columbia University Press, [2017] Gen Lit C720 WAL
Contents tourism and pop culture fandom : transnational tourist experiences / edited by Takayoshi Yamamura and Philip Seaton
Bristol, UK ; Blue Ridge Summit, PA : Channel View Publications, 2020
Geography GD60 2020-Y
Florence under siege : surviving plague in an early modern city / John Henderson New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 2019 History CG255 HEN
Law, lawyers and litigants in early modern England : essays in memory of Christopher W. Brooks / edited by Michael Lobban, Joanne Begiato, Adrian Green Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2019 Law H10 LOB
Rotten bodies : class and contagion in eighteenth-century Britain / Kevin Siena New Haven : Yale University Press, [2019] Medicine FW70 2019-S
Lipsynching / Merrie Snell New York, NY, USA : Bloomsbury Academic, 2020 Music C70 SNE
The globalization of world politics : an introduction to international relations / John Baylis, Steve Smith, Patricia Owens (8th ed) Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, [2020] (Level 3 High Demand) Politics X280 BAY7
Making peace in drug wars : crackdowns and cartels in Latin America / Benjamin Lessing Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018 Sociology W1890.L3 LESSI
The Columbo phile : a casebook / Mark Dawidziak St. Martin, Ohio : Mysterious Press, [2019] Theatre T310.C62 DAW2
What comes after entanglement? : activism, anthropocentrism, and an ethics of exclusion / Eva Haifa Giraud Durham : Duke University Press, 2019 Zoology Z60 2019-G2

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