Explore Your Archives 2019

As November draws to a close, everyone’s favourite time of year begins: yes, it’s #ExploreYourArchive season again! We’ve been taking part in the Explore Your Archive campaign for several years now, but for any newcomers, this is a project coordinated by the Archives and Records Association, with the archives and records sector across the UK and Ireland taking part. It’s a great way for organisations to root out some particularly special and interesting items from the collections, and to highlight their services and the work being carried out by different teams. For us here at Glasgow University Archives & Special Collections, it’s a great way to cap off a busy year, and to get in the creative mindset as we prepare for 2020, which will see events such as the centenary of poet Edwin Morgan, 150 years of the University at the Gilmore Hill campus, the continuation of our Call and Response exhibition, and much more.

It all kicks off tomorrow with #SweetArchives, so do make sure you follow along over on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the action. Please join in too by letting us know if you have visited an archive or collection by using #ExploreYourArchive or #explorearchives.

Here’s a hint at what you can expect to see popping up on our timelines over the next few days…

Saturday 23rd November – #SweetArchives          

Sunday 24th November – #HairyArchives

Monday 25th November – #FriendlyArchives        

Tuesday 26th November – #SurprisingArchives    

Wednesday 27th November – #ActionArchives    

Thursday 28th November #ArchivesAtSea

Friday 29th November – #MysteriousArchives

Saturday 30th November – #ArchiveVoices

Sunday 1st December – #WildArchives

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