University of Glasgow Collections at the Sixth Postgraduate Conference in Conflict Archaeology

By Euan Loarridge

The University of Glasgow recently hosted ‘Pens in One Hand, Trowels in the Other’: The Sixth Postgraduate Conference in Conflict Archaeology. Taking place over two days at the Kelvin Hall, 70 delegates attended nearly 30 presentations on a wide variety of conflict related topics; ranging from Ancient Roman siege warfare to the memorialisation of the border in Northern Ireland.

The Library and Hunterian collections were well represented. The conference was opened jointly by former WW1 Commemoration Project officer Dr Jennifer Novotny, who with Dr Natasha Ferguson had organised the First Postgraduate Conference in 2011.  Jen was on the team working on the Erskine Archive Project helping the charity to use its heritage in its centenary year.

The Erskine Archive appeared in Louise Bell’s excellent paper on Prostheses and Rehabilitation in Scotland in the First World War.

The Hunterian’s collections were discussed by Numismatic Curator Jesper Ericsson in his presentation on approaches to unidentified WW2 Medals. Extracts from the University’s Numismatic Collection of over 80,000 coins, medals and tokens (the largest collection in Scotland outside the national museums), illustrated an excellent discussion.

The conference closed with Professor Tony Pollard premiering his new research which is based on a recent Library acquisition. These Spots of Excavation Tell: The Ker Papers was a tour-de-force of the accounts of visitors to the 1815 Waterloo Battlefield in the days and weeks after that famous battle.  Tony’s article will feature in an upcoming article by in the Journal of Conflict Archaeology.

About the author

Euan Loarridge is a PhD student in History. He is researching the culture and community of combat battalions in the First World War.  His PhD funding has enabled an internship in the Library as editor of Glasgow University’s Great War Blog and student representative on the University’s WW1 Commemoration Group. He co-organised the PGCA2019 Glasgow conference.

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