Your brand-new user guide for Learning on Screen and New channels on BoB

New User Guide 

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There is a new, easy to use and very accessible Learning On Screen Guide.
If you’d like a digital copy as a PDF you can download it for free using this link.




New BoB Channels

Bob now has an additional 16 new channels. These new additions follow requests from members like you. It brings the total numbers in BoB to 60 Television stations and 18 radio stations.

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The New channels include:

10 of the BBC One regional channels so that users can request such local programmes as East Midlands Today, Spotlight (Channel Islands), Look North, Inside out South West, Look East, North West today and others.

Also now available: Talking Pictures TV, CBS Drama, The Smithsonian Channel, LBC Radio, Classic FM, The Horror Channel.





This brings BoB right up to date for research, students and teaching.

If you need any further information please contact us @

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