Make the most of your research – free seminar Tuesday 25 June

ClarivateSmallClarivate Analytics and the library have organised a seminar session of five short 20-minute talks on making the most of your research using Web of Science tools on Tuesday 25 June starting at 10.30am in the Gloag Room, 5 The Square.  Register here.

Each talk will be 20 minutes long and consist of live demos.  Bob Green, the presenter from Clarivate is an expert user and will give you tips and advice on using the database to your best advantage.  There will be time to ask questions in the session and Bob is also happy for you to contact him following the event

Sessions include:

  • Smarter discovery: find key papers and authors and use the citation network to extend discovery through the ‘association of ideas’.
  • Getting to the full text: using Kopernio, ImpactStory and open access (OA)
  • Getting recognized: make the most impact by taking control of your author identity and getting recognition as an author, journal editor and peer reviewer
  • Track research impact: identify areas of research activity, potential collaborators and journal impact data with advanced analytics
  • Managing references: EndNote overview and expert tips

Register for the full event and pop along to any or all sessions.

Contact for more information.

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