David Murray Book Collecting prize 2019: the winner!

We are delighted to announce that the winner of our 2018-19 David Murray book collecting prize is Information Studies student Helen Whittle.

Helen (at centre) receiving her prize from Friends of Glasgow University Library (FGUL) and University Library representatives

Helen writes:

My book collection entitled ‘Seeing Beyond the Shadows: A History of Western Philosophy Book Collection’ started when I fell in love with philosophy whilst studying for my A Levels. I then studied History and Philosophy for my Undergraduate and this is where I began properly collecting philosophy books –  both for my course as well as for developing my own interests and reading. I noticed that I was collecting books that were mostly concerning the history of Western philosophy – its beginnings, its development and the prominent philosophers who changed the timeline of philosophy. I am fascinated by how ideas can impact society and culture and the history of philosophy examines this dynamic whilst also focusing on fascinating key figures. Books like Anthony Gottlieb’s ‘The Dream of Enlightenment’ and Betrand Russell’s ‘A History of Western Philosophy’ encouraged me to explore the history of the Western world through ideas.

After winning the David Murray Book Collecting Prize, I am thrilled to be able to put more effort into growing the collection and focusing on filling the major gaps, including Ancient and Medieval philosophy and primary texts. The goal of the collection is to create a personal library that will allow me to continue my learning and engagement with philosophy and to share the books with friends and family – it is thanks to the University of Glasgow Library that this will now be possible! 

As well as winning £500 to spend on her own book collection, Helen will also be helping Archives and Special Collections staff purchase a book or manuscript to add to our existing collections.

If you are a budding book collector, watch out for your opportunity to enter next year’ s competition, which will be running in semester two of the 2019-20 academic year.

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