Free Web of Science Webinars

WOS imageClarivate Analytics have organised three webinars in December which might be of interest to researchers. See below for details & how to register.


  • Use Web of Science to identify, view and analyse Open Access  (45 mins). Open Access content is now easily identifiable in the Web of Science, but did you know you can decompose it in 5 different versions? Do you also know how to easily access the pdf versions and also analyse their Impact?
    18th Dec at 10.00am –  Click here to register
  • Overview and explanation of analytical tools and citation metrics around the Web of Science Core Collection data (1 hour). Demonstration of the different Clarivate tools and solutions available for generation of metrics, and how to get a better understanding of the questions they help answer.
    19th Dec at 10.00am. Click here to register
  • Expand your discovery with the Social Sciences and Arts & Humanities content of the Web of Science (45 mins). Demonstration of the Social Sciences & Arts & Humanities content on Web of Science – how these sources are selected, how you find them, analyse them and leverage the power of citation navigation to expand your bibliographic discovery. 20th Dec at 10.00am. Click here to register


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