Research Week daily task: Taking a first step: registering for SciVal and gaining an oversight of your research

SciVal is a database that allows users to visualise and benchmark citation-based research performance, and to identify existing and potential collaborative partnerships with academia or industry.

Citation data from SciVal is used to calculate the Institutional KPI for Output Quality.


Importantly, SciVal provides only quantitative indicators as a research indicator. Before using SciVal, please familiarise yourself with the University’s Responsible Metrics Statement. Advice can be sought from your College Librarian if you have any questions.

Step 1: Log on and register

Log on to Use an on-campus computer to log in for the first time and register (or input your Elsevier credentials if you have registered for other Elsevier products). If you want to subsequently use SciVal at home, you must use remote desktop to do so.

Step 2: Define a new researcher

Click ‘Go to Overview’. The default view should be a summary of the University’s research.

On the left-hand menu, click ‘Researchers and Groups’ followed by ‘Define a new Researcher’. Type in your name and optionally add an affiliation; this will narrow the search and could be useful if you have a common surname and initial(s). When entering your name, do bear in mind that you may have more than one profile dependent on how your name appears across multiple publications or if you have published in more than one institution. There is an option to merge author profiles in the next step.

Screenshot of SciVal where the user is defining a new researcher for analysis

On the results screen, click your author profile(s). Either go directly to save the researcher, or validate the publications under the profiles (this can be a useful step to ensure that your SciVal profile is as accurate as possible – you will only have to do this once).

Select how you want your name to appear. Optionally add tags to the authors. Tags are useful if you want to analyse a group of researchers who share the same tag.

Once saved, you can analyse your citation profile.

Step 3: Gaining an oversight of your research

The Overview module, naturally, provides a summary of your research and there are limited ways of filtering the information you see. Note the date ranges in the light blue bar at the top, below which sits a series of tabs that provide an overview of your grants and collaborations, among other options.

Image of video that takes a researcher step-by-step through analysing a researcher in the SciVal Overview module

The Video image should refer you to the video host site. Please head to if the link does not work.

Delving deeper into SciVal data

There are many more ways of analysing and looking at your research. For further information, see our Bibliometrics webpage that include video guides on benchmarking (comparing your performance to others) and evaluating your existing collaborations and finding potential collaborators.

Your College Librarian can provide information on the responsible use of metrics and how to make the most of altmetric and bibliometric tools.

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