Research Week daily task: Altmetric Explorer


What are altmetrics?

Altmetrics or alternative metrics are an indicator of attention and track engagement through likes and shares on social media, news websites, policy documents and academic networking sites. Altmetrics usually use the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of an online journal article to track this attention. Altmetrics can provide more immediacy to ‘buzz’ or attention around research and give an indication of how it is being shared and discussed – long before traditional citations appear.

Altmetric are a provider of altmetric data. They have a useful webpages on the advantages and limitations of altmetric data, how Altmetric track attention and case studies on how researchers and institutions use Altmetric data.

Your daily task

Step one: Discover where in the world people are discussing UofG research outputs

Go to The default view from a device on-campus will be the University’s research outputs.

Use the Demographics tab to see where the University’s research outputs are discussed. News and policy sources discussing your research provides useful data for grant applications and REF Impact case studies.


Step two: Find out where research in key journals get most online attention

Now use the Journals tab to see which journals get the most online attention. Use the columns to see which get different types of attention. All data can be exported and analysed in further detail outside of Altmetric Explorer.


Step three: Check out online attention to research outputs of your College/School/Department

Finally, use the My Institution button on the left of the page to filter results by your College, School or Department. You can look at a custom group of researchers, research outputs, date ranges, and many more variables using the blue Edit Search button on the top of the page.Institution

For further information, see our Managing Your Publications webpages or speak to your College Librarian.

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