Research Week daily task: Take control of your staff profile

Students undertaking research

What is your staff profile?

Your staff profile is often the first impression a funder, potential collaborator, or student gets of you as an academic. Make that interaction count! If your picture is out of date or you research interests aren’t current the people visiting your profile will not have an accurate impression of how to engage with you. You want to make a strong impression with your profile, we know that funders often look while reviewing your grant materials, journalists writing about your work will often link to your profile, and students will want to know what type of projects you are interested in supervising.

Here are a few things you can do to tune up your digital presence

  • Write in short paragraphs, or bullet points. Most website viewers use a smartphone – make it easy to read.
  • Keep it current. What are you researching now, and what type of supervision are you interested in currently? These sections don’t need to be a comprehensive history
  • Limit expert-jargon. Most people viewing your profile will be educated lay-people not subject experts. Make it easy for anyone to understand.
  • Does your photo look like you? Ask your self if someone could easily recognise you from your profile picture, if not you need a new photo. This doesn’t have to be a professional headshot. It does have to be a picture of only you where your face is easy to see.

Register for T4 to edit your staff profile

In order to edit your staff profile you will need to register at

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