Stalking, Blockchain, and Smoking Habits – New Official Publications 17.07.18

Newly published official publications from :

The Scottish Parliament and Government

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

The Contribution of Non-UK EU Workers in the Social Care Workforce in Scotland  – “An assessment of the Contribution of EU Workers in the Social Care Workforce in Scotland which 1) provides robust estimates of the number of non-UK EU workers in specified adult social care and childcare sub-sectors (adult day care, care at home, day care of children, childminding, housing support, and nurse agencies). 2) provides insights into the specific roles and contributions of those workers from the perspective of both employers and non-UK EU workers.”

Clinical Review of the Impacts of Hepatitis C: Short Life Working Group Report. – “An independent clinical review, which assesses the impacts of chronic hepatitis C infection on the health and wellbeing of individuals

The clinical review group, led by Professor David Goldberg of Health Protection Scotland, considered both international evidence on the physical and mental health impacts of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) and data about and interviews with beneficiaries of the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme (SIBSS).”

Risk management in agriculture – “This briefing examines risk management policies for agriculture. Currently, events which negatively impact agricultural productivity, such as adverse weather, price fluctuations and disease events, are often addressed in the UK through ad hoc payments from governments. However, in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, instruments addressing risk management are built into agricultural policy. With agricultural policy about to change in the UK, consideration of policy instruments used by these countries to manage risk may be useful.”

Westminster and the UK Government

Big Ben (c) Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament

Stalking: Developments in the law – “A Private Members’ Bill with Government support aims to introduce new civil Stalking Protection Orders. The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 was introduced to deal with stalking, but critics argued that it was not effective enough. Scotland introduced a specific offence of stalking in 2010, and England and Wales created two new specific offences in 2012. Northern Ireland still relies on the more general offence of harassment.”

Employment tribunals after R (Unison) v Lord Chancellor – “This briefing discusses some of the consequences, for employment tribunals, of the Supreme Court’s decision in R (Unison) v Lord Chancellor.”

Geographical pattern of UK trade – “This note looks at the UK’s trade with its main trading partners.

This note looks at the UK’s main trading partners over the last 10-15 years. The attached Excel spreadsheet (see under supporting documents) allows for easy access and presentation of 2016 data on UK trade with individual countries.

The EU as a bloc is the UK’s largest trading partner. In 2016, it accounted for 43% of UK exports of goods and services and 54% of the UK’s imports. The EU’s share of UK exports has been falling in recent years: in 1999, the EU’s share was nearly 55%.”

The European Union

European Parliament © European Union 2016

European Parliament © European Union 2016

The advent of blockchain in trade – “Blockchain is a fairly new technology that is still evolving. Initially used for digital currencies, most research into this technology has been carried out for the finance industry. In recent years, however, research and development on supply chains and trade-related business processes have also gained ground. Start-ups and large companies have already exploited a wide range of blockchain-based applications in these areas, but the opportunities generated by this technology in international trade have yet to be fully exploited.”

Cannabis legislation in Europe – “At a time of increased debate on the laws controlling the use of cannabis in the European Union, this report answers some of the questions most often asked about cannabis legislation. Using a question and answer format, basic definitions and the obligations of countries under international law are set out in a section on ‘What is cannabis and what are countries’ obligations to control it?‘ Two following sections examine the links and disparities between the content of the laws and their guidelines on the one hand and the actual implementation of the laws on the other. The final question and answer section considers whether changes in law have affected cannabis use and how much public support for legal change exists, as it looks at the future direction of cannabis legislation in Europe.”

The EU-UK withdrawal agreement: Progress to date and remaining difficulties – “With the United Kingdom set to leave the European Union in less than one year’s time, negotiations to finalise a withdrawal agreement, as provided for under Article 50 TEU, are coming up against an increasingly tight deadline. Recent progress in agreeing a number of key ‘exit’ issues prompted the decision to begin discussions on the future EU-UK relationship. However, significant challenges still remain before the conclusion of a withdrawal agreement, on which the transition period requested by the UK also depends. This EPRS In-depth Analysis considers the draft withdrawal agreement published by the European Commission on 19 March 2018, as well as the (few) additional points settled in negotiations in the period up to June 2018. It seeks to provide an overview of the main areas already settled by the negotiators, as well as of those areas of persisting difficulty or disagreement.”

Office for National Statistics

Adult smoking habits in the UK: 2017 – “Cigarette smoking habits among adults in the UK, including the proportion of people who smoke, demographic breakdowns, changes over time, and use of e-cigarettes.”

Understanding well-being inequalities: Who has the poorest personal well-being? – “Analysis of the characteristics and circumstances associated with the poorest life satisfaction, feeling the things done in life are worthwhile, happiness and anxiety in the UK, from 2014 to 2016.”

If you’d like to know more about official publications just get in touch with us at the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit on Level 7 of the library. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and can be contacted on 0141 330 6740 or

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