Languages, connected vehicles and wildlife crime – Newly published Official Publications 18.12.17

Newly published official publications from :

The Scottish Parliament and Government

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

Labour Market update: December 2017 overview. “An overview of the latest employment and unemployment statistics for Scotland.”

Wildlife Crime in Scotland: 2016 Annual Report. “A report on wildlife crime in Scotland in 2016, including information on incidence and prosecutions up to 2015-16, and on research, advice and other work relevant to wildlife crime.

This report covers wildlife crime offences from 2015-16, and draws on information from previous years where appropriate. Data is included from various sources including Scottish Government Justice Analytical Service, Police Scotland, Crown Office and other partner organisations.”

The dataset from the Children in Families with Limited Resources publication. “Percent of children in combined low income and material deprivation from the ‘Children in families with limited resources across Scotland’ publication.”

Westminster and the UK Government

Intimidation in Public Life: A Review by the Committee on Standards in Public Life. “The Committee reports on its review of intimidation in public life, including Parliamentary candidates and others.

The Committee makes a package of recommendations for action to government, social media companies, political parties, the police, broadcast and print media, and MPs and Parliamentary candidates themselves.”

Ignoring the alarms: How NHS eating disorder services are failing patients. Published by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, this is “report highlights 5 areas of focus to improve eating disorder services” following the death of Averil Hart and others.

The UK’s contribution to the EU budget. “This note considers how much the UK contributes to the EU budget and how much it receives back. Potential payments to the EU on or after Brexit – such as the exit bill – are also discussed.”

The European Union

European Parliament © European Union 2016

European Parliament © European Union 2016

Key data on teaching languages at school in Europe: 2017 edition.The 2017 Edition of Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe depicts the main education policies regarding teaching and learning of languages in 42 European education systems. It answers questions about what foreign languages are learnt, how long students spend studying foreign languages, the level of foreign language proficiency students are expected to reach by the end of compulsory education and what kind of language support is provided to newly arrived migrant students as well as many other topics.

Religion and the EU’s external policies: Increasing engagement. “Since 11 September 2001, the European Union has been increasingly confronted by religious crises in a world in which globalisation is reshaping religious demography. In parallel with similar developments in the Member States and the United States, the EU has developed instruments to give greater consideration to religious trends when addressing human rights concerns and engaging key partner countries. Faith-based organisations are playing a pivotal role in a number of new fields, including climate change, development, and conflict resolution, and the EU is taking them increasingly into account. In addition, religion plays an important role in the internal and external policies of some key EU partners, as this study shows in annexes. That is why this field is slowly emerging as a new dimension in the EU’s external policies.”

Data science applications to connected vehicles. Key barriers to overcome – Study. “The connected vehicles will generate huge amount of pervasive and real time data, at very high frequencies. This poses new challenges for Data science. How to analyse these data and how to address short-term and long-term storage are some of the key barriers to overcome.”

Office for National Statistics

Suicides in the UK: 2016 registrations. “Registered deaths in the UK from suicide analysed by sex, age, area of usual residence and suicide method.”

Health state life expectancies, UK: 2014 to 2016. “Reporting the variations in the self-assess general health and activity limitation among local areas in the UK during 2014 to 2016.”

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