Russian Revolution 1917 – The Bolshevik Coup

One hundred years ago this week, newspapers in Britain ran a series of  articles describing the momentous events taking place in Russia, beginning with the the Bolshevik occupation of government buildings on 7 November 1917 and the capture of the Winter Palace (the seat of the Provisional government located in Petrograd, then capital of Russia) the following day

On November 9th, at the foot of a a small article at the bottom of page 9, under the heading “LATE WAR NEWS“, comes the news of the proclamation by the Revolutionary Military Committee of the Petrograd Soviet announcing the fall of the provisional government and the transfer of power to the Soviets.

Times 9 Nov. 1917_5

Times [London, England] 9 Nov. 1917: 5. The Times Digital Archive. Web. 10 Nov. 2017

On Sunday November the 11th 1917, The Observer carried the news of the “The Bolshevik Coup” (Observer, Nov. 11, p.8). The Observer article describes the scene at Bolshevik Headquarters at the Smolny Institute in Petrograd and the arrival of Lenin, who is described as “unrecognisable” having shaved off his moustache to evade capture.

Observer 11.11.17

Observer Nov 11th 1917, p.8 Copyright Guardian Newspapers Limited Nov 11, 1917

Staff and students at the University of Glasgow can access our historical newspaper collection if you’d like to read more first hand accounts of revolutionary Russia in 1917.



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