Marine Digimap

The University Library subscribes to Digimap, a digital mapping service that can be used to generate Ordnance Survey (OS), historic, geological, marine, aerial, LIDAR, and environment maps. These can be viewed through your browser, or by downloading mapping data for use in graphics, GIS or CAD software.

In this post we focus on the Marine Digimap Collection, which offers marine mapping and data products from OceanWise Ltd.

Uses for Marine Digimap

Hydrographic maps reveal the topography, shape and features of the seabed and shoreline, including tide levels and currents. This information is useful for research purposes, such as studying changing coastlines and tidal flows, the location of shipwrecks, and changes in sea beds composition.

Please note that if your research requires marine data for navigational purposes, due to continually shifting sea beds, you would need to get in touch with the UK Hydrographic Office who update the data on a weekly basis.

Marine Roam

Roam is used to view, annotate, and save maps through your browser. Maps can be created at scales 1:2,500 to 1:5,000,000, and saved as PDF, PNG and JPG, from sizes A4 to A0. Maps larger than A3 can be printed on level 7 using our large-format printing service.


The information tool, when clicked on a specific point, provides detailed information, in this case the probable name of a sunken schooner Isabella of Wigton and the date of sinking as 01/11/1864.

Map content layers can be customised to highlight areas of research interest as shown below.

EDINA Marine Map of all layers

All layers selected for the English Channel at Dover.

EDINA Marine Map

Layer showing submarine cables. These cables carry telecommunications data such as phone and broadband (Offshore installations layer)

EDINA Marine map

Layer highlighting all wrecks.

Chart Roam

Chart Roam provides marine charts created from the original paper charts. The digital files are available in TIFF format (from Marine Download) at scales from 1:5,000 to 1:5,000,000. They can be viewed, annotated, and saved as PDF, PNG and JPG formats from sizes A4 to A0. Maps larger than A3 can be printed on level 7 using our large-format printing service.The Marine Lexicon provides an A-Z of marine mapping terminology and symbols used.

Marine Download

Marine download enables the download of OceanWise Ltd. data for use in GIS software. Marine download contains additional data to Marine Roam such as UK Territorial Sea Area, Continental Shelf Area and Fishery Zone. You can also select whether you’d like the chart marginalia included or not.

Digimap help

Assistance with using the Digimap resource can be obtained from a number of locations. The staff in the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit on level 7 of the library are happy to help. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and can be contacted by email or phone 0141 330 6740.

EDINA Digimap provide help pages for using Marine Digimap and understanding the data and their use, including in GIS software. They also provide useful webinar tutorials.

Images © British Crown and OceanWise, 2018. All rights reserved. Licence No. EK001-20180802. Not to be used for Navigation.

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