Celebrating 85 years of student journalism

by Liam Dowd – Social Media Editor, The Glasgow Guardian

October 10 2017 marked 85 years since The Glasgow Guardian first started reporting stories and publishing on the University of Glasgow campus. Now, The Glasgow Guardian is the longest running student-run newspaper in the UK, providing a platform for students to get involved in student media and to have their say on campus events.

It was not until I found out that the University’s archive services had a dedicated Glasgow Guardian digital archive that I realised 2017 marked 85 years of the newspaper. Upon further investigation into the archives, I decided that it would be a good idea to make use of these resources and began planning a week of content to celebrate the newspaper’s anniversary. I asked my team to look at different aspects of the newspaper using the digital archives. These aspects comprised of important dates of the newspaper (particularly the different name changes the newspaper has had over the years), alumni of the newspaper, and some of the biggest or most controversial stories we have covered. On top of this, a few of the section editors were interested in contributing to making anniversary content looking back on 85 years of reporting. These will be published in our next issue (out October 17) and will be put on our website.

The digital archives were a great asset in making this week possible for us as, without it, we would not have had easy access (if any at all) to the publications of the past. Aside from just being interesting to look at and explore, we uncovered some interesting stories (such as a lecturer being exposed as being with the CIA) and were able to track the history of the paper, including seeing how it has changed over time. This is something I wanted to portray on our social media pages throughout the week, as well as being able to show our followers how the newspaper physically looked in the past. We have been able to utilise these resources to make our anniversary content more engaging and the digital archives are a resource I am hoping to make more use of during my time at The Glasgow Guardian.

For more updates from The Glasgow Guardian, and to see our #GG85 content, we can be found on social media at:
Instagram – @theglasgowguardian
Facebook and Twitter – @GlasgowGuardian
Snapchat – @glasgowguardian


About the archive: The Glasgow Guardian Digital Archive website makes available high-resolution scans of every student newspaper produced at the University from 1932 to 1935 and 1955 to 2007. Initially known as the Gilmorehill Globe, then the Gilmorehill Guardian, the newspaper acquired its current name, the Glasgow University Guardian, in 1959. Find out more here.

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