Cyber bullying, Offensive Behaviour at Football and Waste Management – Newly published Official Publications 25.09.17

Newly published official publications from :

Westminster and the UK Government

Big Ben

Image copyright: UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor

Scotland: Public spending and revenue. “Public spending and taxation in Scotland was a hotly debated issue in the run up to the Scottish independence referendum, and has remained so since. A range of statistics exist on the subject: here we look at what these say and how they are measured.”

Online harassment and cyber bullying. “There have been calls to review the law covering online harassment and cyber bullying. The Conservative and Labour manifestos both contained proposals to deal with the issue. So will the law change? This Briefing Paper focusses mainly on England and Wales, but also touches on the law and relevant guidance in Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

The European Union

Towards a circular economy-Waste management in the EU. “This STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) study explores waste management in the EU. Around one third of EU municipal waste was sent to landfill in 2012. To turn waste into a resource, waste management objectives must be aligned with the goals of a circular economy transition. This report highlights progress and challenges across Member States and in municipalities for (1) reducing waste, and (2) generating high-quality waste streams for re-use and recovery. It focuses on the current policy landscape, trends, and technologies for the five waste streams identified in the European Commission´s Circular Economy Action Plan. Employment opportunities for the different steps of the waste hierarchy as well as future policy options are identified and discussed.” Annex I to Report.

Clarification of applicable legal framework for full, co- or self-regulatory actions in the cloud computing sector. Final report – Study. “This report was prepared as a part of the European Commission’s study on the clarification of the applicable legal framework for full, co- or self-regulatory actions in the cloud computing sector (SMART 2015/0018). It contains an overview of the main characteristics, pros and cons of regulatory, self-regulatory and co-regulatory approaches to the cloud computing market. In total, nine self-and co-regulatory schemes were examined in detail with respect to their main characteristics, including their scope, participants, governance scheme, enforcement approaches, and the underlying business model. The Report provides its conclusions and recommendations regarding the role and potential impact of co- and self-regulatory schemes.”

The Scottish Parliament and Government

Scottish Parliament

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Repeal) (Scotland) Bill. “The aim of this Member’s Bill is to repeal, in its entirety, the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012. The Bill has been introduced by James Kelly MSP. This briefing provides information on the background to, and the provisions within, the act and examines the policy underlying the Member’s Bill which is seeking to repeal the 2012 Act.”

Disposable Household Income in Scotland 2015: “This briefing looks at the Office for National Statistics’ publication, Regional Gross Disposable Household Income from 1997 to 2015.”

Office for National Statistics

The impact of sterling depreciation on prices and turnover in the UK manufacturing sector: 2017. “This article shows how manufacturing industries have responded to currency movements. It highlights how the value of export turnover has steadily increased for both large and small to medium-sized businesses since the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016.”

Living abroad: dynamics of migration between the UK and Ireland. “This is the fourth report, in a series of six, being published in response to an increased user need for data about the people who may be most likely to be affected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.”

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