The Royal Prerogative, Crofting, and British Social Attitudes – Newly published Official Publications 29.08.17

Newly published official publications from :

Westminster and the UK Government

Big Ben

Image copyright: UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor

Article 50 and negotiations with the EU: “Information about the Article 50 process and our negotiations for a new partnership with the European Union.”

The Royal Prerogative: “The Royal Prerogative is one of the most significant elements of the UK’s constitution. This briefing paper sets out the constitutional basis to the Royal Prerogative, describes general prerogative powers and the Crown’s personal prerogative powers. It then sets out recent proposals for reform, and the case law that has led to the current understanding of the prerogative.”

Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill [HL]: Briefing for Lords Stages. “The Bill contains one operative clause. It would raise the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales from ten to twelve.

Children under the age of ten cannot be arrested or charged with a crime. Children between ten and 17 can be arrested and taken to court if they commit a crime, but they are treated differently from adults and are dealt with by youth courts; given different sentences; and sent to special secure centres for young people, not adult prisons.

The Scottish Government announced in December 2016 that it would raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility in Scotland [from eight] to twelve by 2018.”

The European Union

Negotiating documents on Article 50: negotiations with the United Kingdom. “Documents published as part of the European Commission’s approach to transparency on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom.”

The Scottish Parliament and Government

Scottish Parliament

Image © Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body – 2012. Licensed under the Open Scottish Parliament Licence v1.0.

Brexit: Citizen’s rights and the withdrawal agreement. “EU law gives all those who hold the nationality of an EU Member
State (EU citizens) the right to move and reside freely in other EU Member States (known as free movement). This briefing outlines the impact Brexit will have on free movement for EU citizens currently living in the UK and UK citizens currently living in other EU Member States (i.e. citizens’ rights). It includes a summary of the EU and UK’s proposals as well as a number of case studies aimed at highlighting some of the main issues for individuals.”

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Implications for Scotland. “This briefing examines the proposals in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill focussing on those which relate to the role and powers of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government.”

Crofting Consultation – closes 20 Nov 2017. “The first Crofting Law Act was passed in 1886, and there have been several instances of subsequent legislative reform and other amendments made in the resulting years. Key pieces of recent crofting legislation are: the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993, which consolidated legislation made between 1955 and 1993, the Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010; and the Crofting (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2013. Consequently, Crofting Law has been deemed vastly complex, difficult to implement into practice, and often open to dispute or other interpretation.

Due to the complexity and diversity of issues involved, in order to produce reform that delivers the best outcomes for crofting, evidence from this consultation will be required in order to make the best informed decision possible on how to proceed.”

Office for National Statistics

British Social Attitudes Survey 2016: Public attitudes towards transport “This statistical release is part of a series of surveys measuring people’s attitudes towards transport since 1996. The surveys include issues such as willingness to change current travel behaviours, attitudes to the environment and transport, congestion, and views on road safety. This report covers changes in long-term trends up to 2016.”

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