Building improvement works @uofglibrary #UofGLibWorks

We’re carrying out a programme of building improvement work in the Library this Summer, in response to feedback from students and other Library members.  Work this week is concentrated on the ground floor, Level 2.

The toilets next to the Welcome Desk, at the Library entrance, are closed to allow for a plumbing upgrade – please note there are further toilet facilities on every floor of the building and close by in the Fraser Building opposite the Library.

We’ve also closed some of the group study space on Level 2 as we prepare to install additional power sockets and a new window overlooking the sculptured courtyard – letting some daylight (and hopefully a wee bit of Scottish sunshine) in to the area.

These works will cause some noise and disruption in surrounding areas, but please bear with us as we try our best to complete these improvements as quickly and quietly as possible!

Follow #UofGLibWorks here and @uofglibrary on facebook, twitter and instagram for further info and updates on our schedule of improvement work.


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