Graduation 2017/1917: International Engineers

At 11.00am today students from the College of Science and Engineering will be graduating from the University of Glasgow. To celebrate, we thought it would be interesting to look back at some international engineers who graduated BSc  100 years ago…

Harish Chandra Mittal

Harish Chandra Mittal, ACCN173/11/7/1b

Harish Chandra Mittal graduated BSc from the University in 1917. He was born at Karnal, India, son of Makkham Lall, an engineer.

Mittal resided in Jammu, when he enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1912. He studied the standard curriculum for Engineering, which was composed of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Physical Laboratory, Chemistry, and Drawing, and also took a course in Electrical Engineering. He was followed at the University by his brother, Ishwara Chandra Mittal.

Mittal returned to India where he worked as an assistant engineer for The Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway company at Bombay (Mumbai).

Ganesh Dass Bazaz

Ganesh Dass Bazaz’s Matriculation Slip, R8/5/36-1

Ganesh Dass Bazaz graduated BSc from the University in 1917. He was born around 1893 in Lahore, Pakistan, son of Lala Inderdass, a Government Service worker.

Bazaz had previously studied at the University of Punjab where he graduated with BA in 1911. This degree permitted him to gain entry to the University of Glasgow without sitting any preliminary examinations, where he attended classes in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Drawing, Electrical Engineering and Mining. Bazaz was a student at the University for 3 years, graduating BSc in Engineering on 10 November 1917. Following his graduation, he worked as a Civil Engineer in the town of Patokki, which is now part of the Kasur District of Punjab, Pakistan.

Bazaz was elected to the UK Institution of Civil Engineers on 27 April 1920 while working for the Bengal-Nagpur Railway Company, Chhindwara CP.

We wish the graduates of today the best of luck with all their future endeavours! Don’t forget to check out the 1917 graduates on the University Story website, and stay tuned for further blog posts throughout the week!



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