What is a recipe?: a recipes project virtual conversation

Today marks the start of the virtual conversation that the Recipe Project is holding to celebrate the fifth year. From 2 June to 5 July 2017, they are hosting a Virtual Conversation on ‘What is a Recipe?’ Find out more here.

We’ll be joining in throughout the month with a variety of recipes – both edible and non edible (eg ink/dyes/fireworks). Today there are several potato related posts on the Recipe Project blog and we’ve managed to find a recipe for cheesy potato and sausage pie.

This is from our records of The Company of Scottish Cheesemakers Ltd (UGD357) which was incorporated in 1954 following meetings of the Scottish Cheese Factors Association and the Scottish Association of Milk Products Manufacturers regarding the storage and grading of cheese.

The company had no share capital as it was limited by guarantee. Membership was limited to 500 members who paid a subscription based on the tonnage of cheese they produced. At first, the Company concerned itself with the grading and selling of cheese and sought to improve the marketing and quality of Scottish cheese. This led to marketing schemes for Scottish cheese, producing audio and visual advertisements and represented the Scottish cheese industry and exhibitions and trade shows.

You can also have a look back at some of the previous recipes we’ve highlighted on the blog:

Over on instagram @UofGlasgowASC we’ll be posting a recipe for #foodiefridays and sharing the odd tidbit on twitter too.

If you’d like to join in, you can find out about participating via the Recipe Project blog or add one of their hashtags to your tweets #recipesconf and #recipesproject.

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