Key Note, market research and company information


Key Note

Access to the Key Note database will cease at the end of May 2017.  Key Note is now part of the Mintel group of companies and content in the database is no longer being updated.  Key Note provides UK market sector reports for a range of industries as well as company information for over 8000 UK and Irish companies.

However, don’t worry! The Library provides access to UK and global market research data and analysis as well as detailed company information (including financial and ownership data) from a range of databases.

Market research


The Library has recently subscribed to the Mintel Academic database of full text market research reports with consumer data, market segmentation, forecasts and analysis for a range of markets in the UK, Europe and China.


Marketline Advantage combines industry and country information to provide detailed market overview, data, outlook, five forces analysis and macroeconomic indicators for key industries globally.  Integrated company information means that you can also see the major players in the market with key financial and deals data.


Passport from Euromonitor International provides global economic demographic and marketing statistics, consumer trends, preferences, company performance and competitors.

Company information

The Marketline Advantage and Passport databases have information on leading companies in industries worldwide.  Information includes company overview, ownership, biographies, major products and services as well as key financial data.

Fame and Amadeus from Bureau van Dijk provide comparable financial data for public and private companies in the UK and across Europe.  Information includes financial strength metrics, M&A deals, shareholder information, industry descriptions, SIC codes and news.  You can identify companies by size, industry and location or use the database to analyse companies in relation to peers.

Please contact Lynn Irvine or Kay Munro if you want more information about Key Note or any of the other databases mentioned here.




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