The Horse : Its Treatment in Health and Disease

The Horse Images#2

A selection of volumes of ‘The Horse : its treatment in health and disease‘.

Staff and students at the James Herriot Library now have the opportunity to consult one of the gems of the Special Collections Department, as an additional set of the nine-volume work ‘The Horse : its treatment in health and disease‘ has just been added to the library’s Reference section.

Published in London in 1908 by the Gresham Publishing Company, this work is particularly notable for its beautiful binding, created by Talwin Morris in the Glasgow Style, which features gold lettering and an ornate cover design in green and black. As an historical text, these volumes offer a detailed and fascinating insight into equine veterinary practices at the beginning of the last century.

The Horse Images#1

A sample of the richly detailed colour illustrations, some of which are layered to show the anatomical structures underneath.

If you’d like to read more about the background to this resource, ‘The Horse : its treatment in health and disease’ was previously featured by Special Collections as their book of the month in November 2008, and the accompanying article is a fantastic introduction to the history and content of this set of books, including a range of illustrations from the work itself.

For staff and students at the Vet School, these volumes can be consulted within the James Herriot Library during opening hours. If, however, you would like to access these volumes in the University Library, Gilmorehill Campus, please refer to the Access & Opening Hours information for Special Collections.

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  1. What a wonderful work! May I remind readers that Special Collections’ other ‘horse treasure’ George Stubbs’s masterpiece ‘The Anatomy of the Horse’ is on show at the Hunterian Museum as part of ‘The Kangaroo and The Moose’ exhibit so do take this rare opportunity to go and see it.


  1. The Blackie & Son Archive: Children’s School Textbooks, 1882-1976 – research areas, content and coverage – University of Glasgow Library

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