REVEALED: Our Heinous Halloween #LibraryMostWanted

The poll’s closed and the votes have been counted.  You voted for your most loathed Library crime and decided on your creepiest culprit.

Watch as our horrendous Halloween #LibraryMostWanted is revealed, and made to face their punishment!

So there you have it!  With a hair raising 52% of the vote MISS HAVISHAM is your #LibraryMostWanted for her mischievous desk hogging misadventures. Angry Frank talking on his mobile phone & Wicked Witch for making books disappear took joint 2nd most-wanted place, with 20.5% of the vote each. 7% of you were most upset by the Count slurping on his soup at a study space.

Tut tut Miss Havisham, clear those cobwebs, eat that cake, and free up that study space for other students!


Poster background texture from, with thanks.

Thanks for taking part in our #LibraryMostWanted Halloween horseplay and check out our book display on Level 2 of the Library which features books relating to our creepy literary characters.  Happy Halloween from all @uofglibrary 🙂

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