Spooktacularly Creepy Characters @uofglibrary DAY 3 #LibraryMostWanted

There have been some blood curdling Halloween crimes in the Library this week. Putrid pests have been caught on camera carrying out abominably awful acts!

Follow us on twitter @uofglibrary each day this week as our Library sleuth unveils these contemptible creatures. At the end of the week we’ll ask you to vote for the most nefarious Library crime – helping our sleuth to ensure that the most vile villain is punished accordingly  (a big telling off from Library security staff)

Watch this shocking video!!  Count Dracula spotted getting his teeth in to something tasty. Eating tomato soup at a study space – he did WHAT? He must be famished.

Keep watching this week as this horrible nightmare unfolds. Remember – you get to decide who should hang their head in shame as  #LibraryMostWanted

POLL OPENS TOMORROW! Watch this space.


Fancy reading about these sad, scary characters?  Have a look at our #LibraryMostWanted book display on Level 2.  WOOooooOooooo


Poster background texture from http://www.wildtextures.com/, with thanks.

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