Filming for 2017 TV Documentary “Brian Cox’s Russia”

Hopscotch films visited Special Collections to film our book of architectural drawings by 18th Century architect Charles Cameron (1743-1812) for a new documentary on Scots who have made their mark in Russia. The documentary will be hosted by the actor Brian Cox and entitled “Brian Cox’s Russia”.


Title Page of volume: Sp Coll e.4

Cameron had an illustrious career at the court of Catherine the Great in St Petersburg from his arrival in 1779 until Catherine’s death in 1796. He was a practitioner of early neoclassical architecture, being the chief architect of the palaces of Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk.


At the Baths of Constantine.



Elevation of Baths of Titus

Cameron was influenced by Roman and Greek architecture and his work focused mainly on the design of country palaces and landscaped gardens. Our volume is entitled “The Roman Baths Explained and Illustrated…” published in 1775.

The documentary is due to air on the BBC in 2017.




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  1. Brian Cox’s Russia – University of Glasgow Library

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