Spooktacularly Creepy Characters @uofglibrary DAY 2 #LibraryMostWanted

There have been some horrific Halloween shenanigans in the Library. Bothersome bookish beasts have been caught on camera doing unthinkably devilish things!

Follow us on twitter @uofglibrary each day this week, as our Library sleuth unveils these contemptible creatures.

At the end of the week we’ll ask you to vote for the most devilish Library crime – thus helping our sleuth to ensure that the most diabolical demon get their just deserts (or gets a bit of a telling off from Library security..)

Watch this shocking video!!  What is Angry Frank, the Library Beast up to?  He’s not talking on his phone on a silent level…surely?

Keep watching this week as this horrible nightmare unfolds. Remember – you need to decide who should hang their head in shame as  #LibraryMostWanted



Want to read more about these sad, scary characters?  Have a look at our #LibraryMostWanted book display on Level 2.  MWAH HA HA HA HAAAA

Poster background texture from http://www.wildtextures.com/, with thanks.


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