Spooktacularly Creepy Characters @uofglibrary #LibraryMostWanted

There has been some horrid Halloween behaviour in the Library. Loathsome literary louts have been caught on camera doing dastardly deeds!

Follow us on twitter @uofglibrary each day this week, as our Library sleuth unveils these bookishly bad brutes.

At the end of the week we’ll ask you to vote for the most heinous Library crime – thus helping our sleuth to ensure that the most malevolent meany meets their maker (or gets a bit of a telling off from Library security..)

Watch this shocking video, uncovered today!! What is this Miss Havisham up to? Desk hogging, that’s what!

So remember this face – and keep watching this week as this horrible nightmare unfolds. Remember – you need to decide who should hang their head in shame as  #LibraryMostWanted



Want to read more about these sad, scary characters?  Have a look at our #LibraryMostWanted book display on Level 2.  MWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Poster background texture from http://www.wildtextures.com/, with thanks.

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