Looking back at a Memorable year

By Astrid Purton and Roz Ryan-Mills

Our year as graduate trainees at the University of Glasgow Archive Services is drawing to a close and what a year it has been! Words cannot express just how much we’ve learnt in the past twelve months.


The start of the traineeship was a whirlwind of confusion whilst we got to grips with how the service worked. As with any new job, the first couple of months were characterised by getting lost in the building and asking our patient colleagues endless questions. However we soon got into the rhythm of the workplace and have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We’ve been involved in all areas of the service such as helping readers, surveying the search room, answering enquiries and getting involved with social media. We are now experts at handling plans  and answering questions on University history . One of our highlights was choosing a topic to present to staff.

But the benefits of the traineeship do not solely arise from the assisting but also from the observing. We’ve watched management manage, cataloguers’ catalogue, conservationists preserve, and seen archivists promote collections in the public sphere (sometimes at national television level such as the recent news bulletin on ITV about the archives’ Alexander Haddow ZIKA papers). Without realising it, we’ve acquired skills and learnt procedures which will serve us well in our future careers.

Whilst the benefits of this traineeship speak for themselves there is one thing that has to be said… And that is to say a huge thank you to GUAS for the opportunity we’ve been given and an especial thank you to all the wonderful people we’ve worked with! Their dedication, innovative ideas, positive and hard-working outlook have been inspiring and made working here a wonderful experience. Finally but not least, we wish the new graduate trainees luck in their new roles.


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