Commemorating the Battle of the Somme @UofGArchives



#OnThisDay 1st July 1916 the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest battles of the Great War, commenced. The battle raged for five months drawing to an end on the 18 November 1916. In total an estimated 1 million soldiers on all sides were either wounded or killed.

This month the University of Glasgow Archive Services will commemorate the Somme on twitter @UofGArchives by highlighting three key themes: the members of staff and students who fell, the contribution of women students to the war-effort, and finally the role of the Officer Training Corps (OTC) during the Great War.


Remembering the Fallen:

In January 1917 the Glasgow Herald reported that 195 students from the University were either killed or missing in 1916. Of these – according to current calculations – 144 fell in the Somme. See our online Roll of Honour and our list ‘The Fallen – Battle of the Somme’ to find out more about the individuals who fell.

Roll-of-honour webpage

University women – parallel lives during the Somme

We will also be tweeting about the contribution of women students to the war effort whilst the Battle of the Somme was taking place, highlighting their incorporation into the working world and their hopes for suffrage.


Officer Training Corps (OTC)

The OTC was founded in 1909 to prepare young men for military service. It was to play a very important role during the First World War producing around 2500 officers.  In 1919 when General Douglas Haig visited the University he recognised the value of the OTC remarking, “I hope the peace will be a long peace . . . but let the training of officers continue” (DC198/1/27 GUM 1918-1919 p.206).


Call for Archives

Sadly our records are not as complete as we would like and we would warmly welcome donations of WW1 material to our Archives. We are particularly looking for GUM magazines 1915-1916 and 1917-1918 and student handbooks 1916-1918. Please contact us here if you would like to donate.



Useful Links

Glasgow University’s Great War Project

First World War Roll of Honour: If you would like to submit a biography to the Roll then please contact us. All contributions are warmly welcomed.

For information about the OTC see our online catalogue and their current website.

For information about University women during the war please see our catalogue and previous blog posts.

Follow us on twitter this month: @UofGArchives @GlasgowUniWW1 @WW1Dig @Erskine_100 #GUremembers #WW1 #Somme100 #WW1women

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