Graduation 2016/1916: International BScs


Congratulations to today’s graduates! Students from the School of Engineering will be handed their degrees in this morning’s ceremony, and what better way to celebrate than to look back at the BScs who graduated 100 years ago. Today will be looking at international graduates from across the world:

Go Khek Ghee

Go Khek Ghee graduated BSc in 1916, and was the first Singaporean student at the University of Glasgow. He was born in Singapore in 1890, son of Go Booh Quan, a merchant.

go khet

Ghee received his primary education in Singapore, and is recorded as having passed his preliminary examinations in Mathematics, English and French in Aberdeen in April 1909, with which he gained entry to study for a degree in Engineering at the University of Glasgow. He attended classes at the Royal Technical College (now Strathclyde University) in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Drawing, as well as Civil Engineering, and graduated BSc in Engineering on 13 April 1890.


Giuseppe Brucciani

Giuseppe Brucciani graduated BSc from the University in 1916. He was born in Barga, Province of Lucca, Italy, son of Giovacchino Brucciani, a confectioner.

Brucciani matriculated at the University in 1909, taking classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Physical Laboratory, Systematic Chemistry and Naval Architecture. After graduating, Brucciani returned to Italy and became a Naval Architect.


Taizo Shoda

(Paul) Taizo Shoda (1892-1988) was a University graduate who became a leading figure in the Japanese engineering industry. A chair, a lecture and a prize are named for him.


Taizo Shoda, Session 1913-14

Born in Tokyo, Shoda was the son of one of the general managers at the Mitsubishi Dockyard and Engine Works, and of the daughter of the company’s founder. His father had visited Glasgow in 1889 to study British shipbuilding practices and sent his son to study Engineering at the University. He matriculated in 1911 and gained work experience with the marine engineers David Rowan & Co. He graduated BSc in 1916.

Shoda returned to Japan, where he worked for the Mitsubishi Internal Combustion Manufacturing Co and became one of Japan’s leading aero-engine designers. He rose to the position of Vice President of the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. In 1988 he was awarded an honorary DSc by the University for his outstanding contribution to engineering and the development of engineering in Japan.

In 1995 the Shoda Chair in Aerospace Systems was founded with a gift from Shoda’s family and friends. The following year, an endowment was set up in his memory by family and friends, intended to fund the annual Shoda Memorial Lecture; a Shoda Prize for an outstanding student in aerospace engineering, and the promotion and development of Aerospace Engineering at the University.

We wish the new BSc graduates the best of luck in their future endeavours. Don’t forget to check out the 1916 graduates on the University Story website, and if you would like to find out about any graduates from 1916 please e-mail us at

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