Graduation 2016/1916: International MA graduates

Congratulations to the graduates of Social & Political Science who receive their degrees today! Here at Archive Services, we delved into the student records in order to find out about their counterparts from 100 years ago. Two notable MA graduates with international links caught our eye:

Edith McLeod Henderson

Edith McLeod Henderson was born in Hong Kong in June 1892. She was the daughter of Oscar Henderson, a master mariner.

edith hendersonHenderson enrolled at the University in 1912, where she studied French, Moral Philosophy, Political Economy, History and Geology, winning a prize in the latter in the 1915-16 session. She graduated on 18 November 1916.

By 1922, Henderson was working as a secretary and living in Findhorn. In 1930, Henderson moved to Canada, where she was a secretary in Vancouver, and where she remained until her death in 1980.

Isabella McDonald Urquhart

Isabella McDonald Urquhart graduated MA from the University in 1916.

She was born on 26 June 1891 at Swatow (Shàntóu), China, daughter of Finlay, a retired marine engineer, and sister of Finlay McDonald Urquhart.

isabella macdonald urquhart

Urquhart matriculated at the University in 1910, taking classes in Geography, English, Logic, History, English, British History, Constitutional History, graduating in 1916. In 1916 he was recipient of a Carnegie scholarship and enrolled as a research student for one year.

On 3 September 1920 in Glasgow, Urquhart married John Andrew Muir Wilson, who then worked as a currency officer at the government Finance department in India.

She died in Cape Town in 1962.

If you would like to find out more about our 1916 grads stay tuned for more blog posts throughout the graduation period, or visit our University Story page.

We wish today’s graduates every success for the future.

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