Graduation 2016/1916: Law Graduates


The graduation season has begun! As is tradition here at Archive Services, we will be looking through our student records to see who was graduating 100 years ago. As today is the graduation date of students from the School of Law, we begin with two law students from 1916. It is worth noting that the First World War was in full swing at this point, with conscription having been introduced for all unmarried men aged 18-41 from 2 March. This means we have only been able to locate one 1916 BL (Bachelor of Law) graduate, who was an older student:

Alexander McGillivray BL 1916

Alexander McGillivray first matriculated in 1910 as an older student to study for an MA in 1910, aged 34. He was the son of John McGillivray, a police constable, and was born in Newport, Fife. Whilst studying at the University of Glasgow he listed his address 50 Cartside Street, Langside, Glasgow.

During his MA Alexander took classes in subjects such as Latin, Constitutional Law and History. Clearly interested in Law, he continued his studies in that area.  After graduating in November 1914, he continued with his studies and embarked on both a Bachelor of Law (BL) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), unusually graduating from both in November 1916. The General Council Register 1926 lists his occupation as writer.

alexander mcgillivray


George Coghill MA 1916

George Coghill first enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1913 to study for an arts degree.  He was the son of George Coghill, a draper, and grew up in Clarkston, Renfrewshire. Whilst studying for his MA, he listed his address as 4 Wendover Crescent, Mount Florida, Glasgow.

george coghill

During his time here George took classes in a wide variety of subjects such as English, Logic & Metaphysics and Mathematics. In his final year he began to focus on law, taking classes in Constitutional Law and Roman Law. He graduated in 1916, going on to becoming a law apprentice, and later a law clerk.

Congratulations to our law graduates, we wish you every success for the future! Don’t forget to check out the 1916 graduates on the University Story website, and if you would like to find out about any graduates from 1916 please e-mail us at


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