Behind The Scenes: Presentation Day


Recently the graduate trainees at the University of Glasgow Archive Services, gave presentations at staff training sessions on current topical themes in the Archives sector.

Archiving Social Media

Roz went first with her presentation on ‘Archiving Social Media’. She spoke about the importance of preserving social media content, as it will provide future researchers with useful data sets and insights into what life was like in the early 21st century.  She also explained how some institutions need to archive their social media for legal reasons; one example of this is the UK Government Web Archive which was put together by the National Archives.  All government websites and content from third party site such as Twitter and Youtube have been preserved as part of the official public record. This means that the National Archives is fulfilling its duty under the Public Records Act 1958 to ‘take all practicable steps for the preservation of records’ and keep the records accessible to the public. Social media falls under the definition of ‘records’, as the Public Records Act states that a records are ‘not only written records but records conveying information by any other means whatsoever’.



If you are interested in web archives, why not check out the Internet Archive and browse through web pages of the past.

Animating Black Archives

Astrid presented  next with ‘Animating Black archives’, a presentation based on the ‘Animating Black Archives: The next 10 years’ conference held at the London Metropolitan Archives in February.

This presentation was about how the mainstream archives sector is currently promoting records generated by, or about, people of African/Caribbean descent, in part to redress a representation imbalance in the heritage sector.

She spoke about why mainstream heritage is now interested in Black Archives, the benefits of these archives to society, issues archivists have to address, and above all, how our archives service can contribute to Black archives.

Here were some of the ideas from our University Records:

  • Highlighting inspirational individuals amongst our African/ Caribbean alumni:

Especially James McCune Smith who was probably the University’s first African-American student in 1835.

Inspiring African Alumni

  • The Anti-Apartheid movement at University of Glasgow, which students felt very strongly about (see the Glasgow Guardian or issues of Glasgow University magazine for articles from the time 1960s-1980s)


Staff training sessions such as these happen on a regular basis at Archive Services. They give us all a chance to learn about the different projects people are working on and provide feedback. We are very grateful for the chance to present our ideas to our colleagues and develop our presentation skills.

All are welcome to visit our search-room and consult our records; you can book an appointment here.

Let us know how you get on!

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