Open Access E-books

It is not just e-journals that are Open Access, some e-books are now Open Access too. A work is considered to be Open Access when it is available to read for free in its entirety, without any restriction on who can access it.OpenAccess

Open Access e-books help:

  • Authors of scholarly books ensure that their work connects with the widest possible audiences.
  • Readers from all over the world gain free and unlimited access to high quality scholarly e-books.
  • Libraries provide more access to quality content to their users with no price barriers.

The University of Glasgow provides access to Open Access e-books, including the following two collections: Open Book Publishers and Knowledge Unlatched.

  • All of the e-books are discoverable on Quicksearch.
  • The e-books can be downloaded in their entirety and kept.
  • You can print or copy as much as you like from these e-books.

Open Book Publishers


Founded in 2008, Open Book Publishers is the biggest open access academic publisher of monographs in the UK, with 75 titles published covering subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences. They have published some titles by University of Glasgow authors, such as Essays in Conveyancing and Property Law in Honour of Professor Robert Rennie and Privilege and property: essays on the history of copyright.



They aim for academic publishing to become fairer, faster and more accessible. All of the titles are made available online for free and can be read on the website, downloaded in various formats, reused or embedded anywhere. Once downloaded the e-book is yours to keep!





The e-books work with the majority of mobile devices and e-readers. To find out which devices you can download the e-book to and for instructions for Kindle, please follow this link.



ODenisDiderotpen Book Publishers also create interactive books that incorporate moving images, links and sound into the fabric of the text. For example it is possible to play musical clips while reading Denis Diderot’s ‘Rameau’s Nephew’: A Multi-Media Edition



Many of their titles come equipped with digital resources freely available on the website, including extra chapters, reviews, links and image galleries.

University of Glasgow staff and students even get a 15% discount from the print version of the book!

Knowledge Unlatched

Unlike Open Book Publishers, Knowledge Unlatched  do not publish the books but facilitate them being made open access.  Libraries from around the world share the payment of a single title fee to a publisher to cover the publication costs. In return the publisher ‘unlatches’ the e-book and it is made available as a fully downloadable open access PDF. You can learn more about it in the below video clip.

The collection includes 106 titles covering topics in the Humanities (Anthropology, Literature, History) and Social Sciences (Politics, Media & Communications) from 26 respected scholarly publishers including Routledge, Brill, Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press and Edinburgh University Press.




All titles are available to download as a PDF to your device, and they can be kept and used with no restrictions. For an example title, see The Ethics of Armed Conflict : A Cosmopolitan Just War.

If you want to find out more about our Open Access e-book collections, please contact with any questions.



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