Pop Up Exam Study Spaces in the Library 18th April – 20th May

The Library gets very busy at exam time, and it can be a struggle to find a space to study, so we’re opening up additional study space for the revision and exam period.

Quiet pop up study space will be available in the Level 7 MacKenna room, and Level 9 Committee room, from Monday 18th April until Friday 20th May (inclusive).  These rooms are normally used for teaching and meetings, and are located in staff corridors, but don’t be shy – please do use them!  Follow signs on Levels 7 and 9 for directions to the rooms and look out for posters on the door.

The SRC have also organised additional pop up study spaces around campus.

pop up study 2

Please note:  No food or drinks in these rooms – bottled water only!

In order to ease pressure on study spaces, we’re also providing priority access to University of Glasgow students for the duration of the exam period.

What can you do to help?  Don’t leave your belongings on desks and computers for extended periods of time, in order to reserve a space for later.  It’s good to leave your desk for short periods of time – to find a book, have a break or grab something to eat.  All we’re asking is that you think of your fellow students and don’t hog a space if you’re not actually using it!

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