Through the Conservation Keyhole: Why do we box things!?!

We know it can take away the beautiful look all those lovely rows of antique bindings when you walk into a library or archive. However, creating customised boxes for our volumes is one of the most important preservation jobs we can carry out!

Here are a few reasons why boxing our heritage material is so essential;

We protect the volumes in tailored individual non adhesive box structures so that in the disastrous event of a flood or leak it will take several hours before the book is affected in any way by moisture ingress.

Enclosures create a micro-climate protection from changes of variable temperature and relative humidity which may happen when a volume is transported from the climate controlled storage to exhibition for example.

Boxes obviously also protect the material from light, act as a disaster protection, and allow for labelling and as a finding aid. For many of our volumes that have undergone conservation, the box can also store original boards and samples with the conserved volume in one place and act as a reference for the history of the book.


Volume sitting happily in its box with documentation and samples!

Categories: Library, Special Collections

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